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2014-11-23 - 12:19 p.m.


I don't usually become obsessed with things (please don't roll your eyes if you disagree) but for some reason I did become completely obsessed with the song "Glorious" sung by David Archuleta from Meet The Mormons, after seeing the trailer for it a few weeks ago. SO obsessed, in fact, that I actually went out and bought a ticket to see the movie! And I NEVER go to movies! (and sadly enough, not very often to church either...)

In a nutshell "Meet The Mormons" is a feature length documentary that looks at the very diverse lives of six devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints filmed on location across the globe. Each story paints a picture as rich and unique as the next while challenging the stereotypes that surround the Mormon faith. The film opened in theatres across the United states on October 10th with all net proceeds going to charity.

But this post is not about the movie exactly, though which by the way I thought was extremely well done and the cinematography was incredible!

"Glorious" ~ written by the talented singer-songwriter, Stephanie Mabey from the movie "Meet the Mormons."

And then low and behold, David and Stephanie along with Meet the Mormons gave the fans an opportunity to record their own versions of the song to share with the world, in addition to having a chance to appear in a Fan Supercut Video... Wish I'd have known! The deadline for the entries was November 3rd and I only found out about this a couple of days ago. Not that I would have ever recorded my own version or anything (Good Lord!) but I think I know a couple of other people who might have... ;)

So here I was, snowbound at home last week during "Snowvember of 2014" when I somehow ran across this link... The Fan Supercut Video of "Glorious".

And I guess that's when my REAL obsession kicked in. Because there were 410 entries and I listened to every single one of them! (Or at least 5 seconds of every one of them, because that was more than enough for some, if you catch my drift.) But there were also SO many good ones! Great ones! Unbelievable ones actually. In fact, in my opinion, the final supercut video vastly pales in comparison to some of these individual performances, which I have somehow managed to whittle down to my Top 50!

It was really difficult to choose which ones to actually embed in this blog and so at times I just had to take the eeny, meeny, miny, moe approach. But I really, really love all the ones that I ended up with. It's just "So Amazing" to see what every unique individual came up with. It makes the lyric to this song even that much more meaningful.

If you'd like to watch all of my picks (which I really hope you will!) just go here to the The Supercut Video and you will see them all listed to the right and sorted by entry number... Sorry I didn't have the time to create a link to every single one of them. *g* But my obsessions only go so far...

By entry number:


#9 Hannah M - Bountiful, Utah

#16 Stephanie A - Lindon, Utah

#19 Yahosh B - Spanish Fork, Utah
#20 Halayna A - Mechanicsville, Virginia
#23 Sandra T - Gaithersburg, Maryland
#51 Lindsay L - Henderson, Nevada
#52 Grant Z - Provo, Utah
#56 Lucy S - Prosper, Texas

#61 One Voice Children's Choir - Draper, Utah

#66 Reese O - Lehi, Utah
#74 Eric M - West Bountiful, Utah
#82 Dominic B - Bonn, Germany

#84 Clayton and Olivia P - Kansas City, Kansas ♥

#93 Payton K - St. George, Utah
#104 The Five Strings - Nashville, Tennessee
#106 Anika G - Galgary, Alberta, Canada
#120 Fitri A - Malang, Indonesia
#127 Isabelle K - Johnson City, TN
#142 Camille, Candice and Lisa D - California
#143 Stephanie A - Lindon, Utah
#144 - Jimmy H - Chandler, Arizona
#145 Ashley H - Provo, Utah

#147 Abigail L - Bountiful, Utah

#159 Hailee C - Laramie, Wyoming
#178 Caralee W - Mantua, Utah
#179 Shanae D - Cardston, Alberta, Canada
#212 Kara S - Las Vegas Nevada
#227 Kiah W - Las Vegas Nevada
#228 Janie D - Salt Lake City, Utah

#235 Ralph M - Cebu, Philippines

#265 Lexi Walker - Salt Lake City, Utah

#280 Braden R & Jonathan B - Provo, Utah (Definitely one of my favorites!)

#283 Rachel K - San Diego, California currently a student at BYU Idaho (Wow!)

#284 Michelle - Berwyn, Pennsylvania (Oh my goodness!)

#287 Jarna & Dani K - Provo, Utah
#288 Beau S (Sweet!)
#296 Evie C. - Mesa, Arizona
#318 Ganai O - Lehi, Utah

#330 Working With Lemons - Salt Lake City, Utah (Waitforit!..)

#337 Itunu B - Canada

#339 Elenyi - Seli, Desi and Ari

#346 Becca B - Benjamin, Utah

#349 Nathan O - American Fork, Utah

#351 Hoai L - Hanoi, Vietnam (No words..)

#354 Brandon - Syracuse, Utah
#358 Samantha - Boise, Idaho
#388 Hope - Redmond, Washington (Pretty cute)

#390 Teddy W - Somerset, New Jersey (Love this!)

#393 Susan L - In ASL (Speechless!)

#404 Nick S - Spanish Fork, Utah (The guy's incredible! If only he'd lose the hoodie :)

#409 PS22 Children's Choir

And finally...
#410 Madelyn M of Firefly - Gilbert, Arizona

So many beautiful voices on this earth!

It's like a symphony!

Just keep listening...

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