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2015-05-31 - 8:30 p.m.

The "Tri" Part of the "Fecta"...

Seattle, Washington

The best part about this part was seeing Thom after all this time!.. and experiencing Bainbridge Island!!

The worst part? I had absolutely NO VOICE AT ALL for the first two days!

At any rate, here's my big "blanket" SMILEY FACE to cover this whole last leg of my trip...

It was rather difficult alerting Thom that I'd arrived because I seriously had no voice at all! But I was somehow able to croak out "Honey, I'm home!!!" and in a couple of minutes there he was on his big, beautiful white stallion... er, I mean in his big, beautiful, white car.

I have to say that as much as I adore visiting my family... it's been so many years since I've been anyplace new and different so this was pretty exciting for me! And Seattle is so beautiful! Even if it WAS rather overcast and cloudy when I got there. The ferry ride across the Puget Sound was so much fun!

Goodbye Seattle...

Hello Bainbridge Island!

Ok, first of all, Bainbridge Island is amazing! And I think if I could move there (and convince my entire family to do the same) I would do it in a heartbeat!... with the only problem being... I put my price range in on Zillow (even inflating it upwards by $100,000 yes, that's actually one of the first things I did when I got home) and came up with a big ole' goose egg! But I guess that's neither here nor there, since the odds that my entire family would ever end up moving there are probably next to none anyway.

Moving on...

Thom and Wayne's home is simply out of this world Gorgeous! They call it the Newhouse new house. (Newhouse is Wayne's last name...) haha

I had my choice of two rooms. The fern room... or the treehouse room.

I chose the fern room, not only because it was really cozy, but because it was attached to the bathroom that came with this really cool sink...

Love this kitchen!!!

Adore this patio!!

And check out the rest of these views from the inside looking out!


The other best parts about Sunday:

  • Seeing the Garden...
  • The Raspberries...
  • The Bees...
  • Driving around the Island...
  • Having Dinner at SuBi!

  • .

    The best parts about Monday:

  • Fresh eggs for breakfast!
  • The Bloedel Nature Reserve. We walked since it was just right up the street less than a quarter of a mile away. What an unbelievably gorgeous and peaceful place to spend a morning! Right up the block! And also, right up my alley!

  • Magnificence!

    The Main House...


    and me...

  • Lunch at Pegasus!, one of the sweetest, most enchanting little dives I've ever had the pleasure of dining at. I think I had the beef stew or something, I really can't remember, but whatever it was was absolutely devine and simply out of this world and I would TOTALLY spend that much money on lunch again!

  • A trip to Trader Joe's is always an adventure and, of course, Bainbridge Island has one. It didn't disappoint... Especially since we got to have mussels, broccoli, potatoes and Copper River Salmon for dinner! Plus some delightful peanut butter cups for dessert!... Thank you Thom and Wayne! You are seriously the the most amazing hostes with the mostes!

    The best parts about Tuesday:

  • First stop The Bay Hay & Feed!, and oh my goodness I wanted to buy every single thing in that shop and then some!!... well, except for maybe the hay and feed... but what an incredible store!
  • Then a visit to the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, which I SO enjoyed, and where I snapped a couple of pictures of my favorites.

  • Next up, lunch at Hitchcock's at a perfect sidewalk table on a perfect day with my wonderful friends!

  • And finally, The Bainbridge Island Historical Museum which was absolutely fascinating! What a rich and interesting history this island has!

  • And as if that wasn't enough for one day...

  • We still managed to walk down the road...

  • ...to the Agate Pass.

  • And have oysters on the deck at The Beach Club later.

  • Far from the maddening crowd...

    The best (and worst) parts about Tuesday:

  • I finally got my voice back! YAY!!!
  • But it was time to leave!!!
  • Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart Thom and Wayne for this lovely little getaway! I needed it far more than you will possibly ever know! It was so wonderful to reconnect with you, MY BFF (link), after all this time!.. and also to have finally been able to meet you Wayne! What a pleasure! You are so blessed to have each other and I am so very blessed to know you both. Living the dream you are!... and I am just so grateful to have been able to enjoy a little piece of that dream with you these past few days! Love you so much! And also... you have the sweetest puppy on the face of the planet. Seriously...

    Docking back in Seattle...

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    How can I even express what a fabulous vacation that was? Trips like this don't work out very often, but I just love it when they do!

    Click here for the First Parts of the "Fecta."

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